This collection tells the story of journey and arrival from the tropical to the urban, combining elements of both. Out of her Urban Tropical aesthetic, Auralis once again combines New York and Puerto Rico, the city and the tropics for Summer 2012. The pieces evoke wanderlust and elegant allure by merging whimsical elements with a clean construction and sophisticated flare. Ruffles, cap sleves, sheer and breezy fabrics meet sleek lines, squared necks and sharp angles in a mélange of neutral and vibrant tones. A flowy and ruffled papaya hued skirt combined with a mango tinted structured shirt; a print dress, with sexy sharp slits. Fresh off the boat, from the Caribbean islands to the island of Manhattan.

Since its beginnings in 2009, Auralís has been committed to beautifully designed and responsibly made garments. This collection is no exception. In fact, with Summer 2012, Auralís took her sustainable philosophy even further by using only natural dyes, turmeric for the Mango Yellow, madder for the Papaya Orange and logwood for the New York Grey; all hand dyed in her studio. The print on the silk chiffon and the organic cotton was done with an iron oxide splatter. All the materials used for the garments are natural and sustainable, from the wooden buttons to the fibers, organic cotton, hemp and silk. These are beautiful clothes, that cost the earth the least amount possible.