Auralís’ second collection introduced the Urban Tropical aesthetic, taking inspiration back to the Puerto Rico of the 70’s, the Caribbean and New York as a backdrop. For this season,  the designer imagined a scenario where a group of Salsa musicians and artists, circa 1978, found themselves stranded on an island. In her vision Willie Colon, Rita Moreno and Halston venture into Culebra, a pristine untouched Caribbean paradise. The clothes the wear are Urban Tropical. Auralís’ color palette exudes Puerto Rico and New York in the springtime. Utuado Red, after the poppy flowers grown in Auralis’s grandmother’s yard in this small Puerto Rican town; Naguabo Gold, after the town nice beaming with gold her family hails from; Rich Caribbean blue washes over the collection: he savage sea in full motion. The grays, and muted tones are more urban. New York Grey pays homage to the city’s steel opulence; the soft beiges a testament to its sheer sophistication.