Social Responsibility

At Auralis Inc. a sustainable relationship to the planet is a priority in everything that we do. It keeps us up at night, we are always learning about it; it’s our eco-venture. We believe that transparency and open information are key elements to better business practices for a better world. We procure responsibly and label our work in a way that makes everything about our clothes easy to understand and wear.

  • Our garments are easy to care for. Dry Cleaning is actually very harmful for the workers and the environment. Organic drycleaners are not available everywhere yet. So, when we design we make everything hand or machine washable. All of our clothes can be hang dried or laid flat, no need for a dryer. We have care tips in our blog.
  • We make everything in 2 islands New York City and Puerto Rico.
    • Why New York City? Because it's the best city in the world, for us it makes sense. Everything a business needs to thrive in the fashion world is right there in the Garment District. There is nothing like it on the planet. Factories, sample hands and fabric stores are just a subway ride away. It doesn’t get more local than that. 
    • Why Puerto Rico? Because it is Auralis’ passion to bring fair trade business and jobs to her country. Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world and it is a colony of the United States. It is also a country with an economy in peril, a very high unemployment rate and a an almost non-existent clothing manufacturing industry. However, It is also a beautiful island worth fighting for with a huge amount of highly educated people searching for opportunities to make their country better. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
  • We use skilled people, that are paid fair wages and are part of our family. Just ask our internssample makers and collaborators. They are all a testament of what we say we do.

 Here are a few of the causes we support:

Here’s how:

  • We design with longevity in mind.
  • We are fully aware consuming less is one way to save the planet and we support it. When we design our clothes, we do it with a full commitment to that garment’s longevity in your closet. Our garments are made well and to withstand all seasons. We strive for a balance between classic and fashion forward so our clothes never become disposable.
  • We make our own colors and only use natural dyes in our fabrics.
  • The fashion industry is responsible for more than 20% of the amount of water pollution in the world - this is astonishing. In response we create our own colors every season, we dye them with natural dyes in our studio and we document how we do it on our blog; safe and transparent all in one colorful package.
  • We create very little waste
  • We use recycled paper hangers.
  • We use plantable hangtags, yes flowers do grow out of them.
  • We donate our scraps to other designers for yarn and accessories such as; Balmaseda and Fililí.
  • We use organic fabric and ethically sourced materials only. Back in 2009 when we started doing this, it was harder to find beautiful organic cotton fabrics. Nowadays, there are so many options it is a delight. Check out your options at Source4style. We use organic cottons that are sourced sustainably, artisanal silks, fabric made of recycled fibers and upcycle deadstock materials. For more specifics go to our textile section in the blog.