Auralis: An Eco Venture

Auralís is a sustainable resort-wear clothing line with an Urban Tropical aesthetic designed and manufactured between New York City and Puerto Rico. Created with sustainable relationship to our planet as a priority, the pieces are timeless, practical and fashion forward.  Auraliís coined the Urban Tropical® aesthetic because it encompasses her own spirit; city and island all in one wardrobe. Every piece is made responsibly with love and care using organic, sustainable, natural or recycled materials only. The textile processing uses low impact methods, leaving green fabrics with a minimal environmental footprint. We dye or textiles with natural dyes. We produce our pieces in New York and Puerto Rico. Our vendors and collaborators are part of our family because we are all creative partners in a collective design effort that considers the entire product life cycle of every garment we make for you.


our approach: sustainability, slow fashion and longevity

A giving and not a taking relationship to the planet is a priority in everything that we do for the clothing line and for the business. Our approach is within a sustainable product lifecycle and the circular economy. We believe that transparency and open information are key elements of good business practices for a better world.  We design with longevity in mind and we are very much aware consuming less is the way to save the planet and we support it. When we design our clothes, we do it with a full commitment to that garment’s longevity in your closet. Our clothing is well made to withstand years of wear. We strive for a balance between classic and fashion forward so our clothes never become disposable.  Our goal is to create zero waste, so when we pass the garments to our customers; we use recycled paper hangers, biodegradable plantable hangtags and  we donate our scraps to other designers for yarn and accessories such as; Balmaseda and Fililí. We close the loop by encouraging our customers to return garments back to us for mending and evenutally re-imagining, owning all the steps of our supply chain.



Our garments are easy to care for. Dry cleaning chemicals are veryharmful to the environment and, organic dry cleaners are not available everywhere yet so, our clothes are machine washable in cold water or hand washed with a mild soap. They can be hang dried or laid flat, no need for a dryer.  If you have any questions about the or care of a specific piece please contact us.



auralis natural dyes fabric.jpg

We use organic fabric and ethically sourced materials only, that extends to our trims, fabrics and dyes.  We use organic cottons that are sourced sustainably, artisanal silks, fabric made of recycled fibers and up-cycle dead-stock materials.  We label all of our garments with the specifics of what, where and how are items made. We are happy to answer any specific questions you have about our sourcing contact us if you'd like to know more.


Our Manufacturing: Made in USA, Made in NYC, Made in Puerto Rico

We make most of our garments in  New York City and what its possible in Puerto Rico.  That means fair labor practices because of the laws in already established in the USA and because we regularly visit our factories, vendors and suppliers.  We pay our vendors and collaborator a fair living wage, not just the minimum.  We also travel frequently to Puerto Rico passion to bring fair trade business and jobs to the island, and Auralis is working in a slow fashion manufacturing project there called Retazo


Our fair trade Artisan Collaborations

Auralís develops the accsesories for the collections in Puerto Rico,  in collaboration with artisans to elevate crafts through design and preserve them. The line's cupey hats and belts are a collaboration with Isaac Laboy Monteczuma every piece is signed by him.  The bangles are made by another great Puerto Rican artisan from Adjuntas, Edwin.


our causes: Stronger TOGETHER

Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world and it is a colony of the United States. It is also a country with a decaying manufacturing industry that was once glorious.  Auralis is working to change that in community with many other entrepreneurial organizations in the island., Higher Fashion and Concalma. We collaborate with other like minded organizations, designers, artists and craftsmen in New York and Puerto Rico to promote and preserve their talents while making some pretty neat items. We also actively support various causes that align with our ethos, such as:

  • Canopy Initiative  - where we have vouched to protect ancient and endangered forests, our pledge is here.
  • Chicapreneurs -  a community that brings together creative entrepreneurs and cultural innovators for knowledge sharing and collaboration. 
  • Puerto Rico Diseña  - a online platform that features independent designers, makers, collectives and local brands that make up the island’s thriving creative community
  • Merodea - where Auralís guest writes about ethical fashion choices.
  • Design in Puerto Rico - a business platform for Puerto Rican designers to develop, promote and export their products.
  • Puerto Rico Higher Fashion - a series of workshop events that provide local fashion entrepreneurs and industry affiliates with the best resources to further develop their ventures.