“What would Iris Chacón, the Puerto Rican icon, wear to wine and dine in a Scottish castle?” That was the scenario that inspires the Auralís 2012 collection; transporting her characteristic Urban Tropical to the hills of Scotland. From one island to another, from tropical to highland, Auralis designs for her suitcase bringing together ethical beliefs and exquisite designs. In Auralís’ vision Iris Chacon, who remains a powerful fashion and beauty inspiration to Puerto Rican women, travels from her tropical island to Scotland via New York wearing theTrans 2012 Auralís collection and leaving all the men in kilts speechless. Auralís threads her Urban Tropical aesthetic through all her collections, combining New York City chic with Caribbean flair, this time, with a distinct Scottish elan. Keeping with the Scottish influence  Auralis collaborated with Harris Tweeds employing their beautiful hand made fabrics from Scottish sheep that are sheered humanly. Continuing the commitment to eco-friendly design, timeless sophisticated pieces made with naturally dyed organic cotton, hemp, and silk blends. From a collaboration with fellow sustainable designer, Zaida Adriana Goveo-Balmaseda, emerged a sumptuous scarf and turban, knitted using a blend of organic merino, baby alpaca and silk yarn; luxurious on the skin, beautiful on the eye, and kind to the planet. All yarns are dyed naturally at the studio. Silk habotai dresses, tweed capes and jackets, asymmetrical skirts, and draping trousers all assemble a fluid and interchangeable wardrobe.